Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Want to write better?

WRITING indeed is a difficult task when you compare it with speech. In speech you can use voice modulation, facial expression, body language and other non-verbal signals to express your ideas. In writing, you use only words arranged in an order called the sentence.

If you want to write better, follow the rules given here:

·         Decide what you want to say.
·         Illustrate or give examples.
·         Focus on one idea in each paragraph.
·         Focus on one theme throughout the piece you are writing.
·         Use punctuation marks correctly so that the reader knows whether you are making a pause or enumerating things.
·         Confirm to register. If you begin on a formal note, maintain that note through the piece.
·         Choose the right word to say what you mean.
·         Write what you mean and do not make the words mean something just because you have nothing to say.
·         Take care of grammatical correctness and make sure that you spell the words correctly.

Above all, when you write or speak, bear in mind, that the purpose must be to express yourself, and not to impress someone.

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