Monday, 26 March 2012

Ten tips to improve your English

1.      When you love something, you think about it. When you think about it you know more about it. Love the language.

2.      Be attentive to the sound, the rhythm, the cadence, the beat—the music of the language.

3.      Listento good speakers of the language. Find out in what ways they impress you.

4.      Have a mind that questions: what do you call this in English? How do you say this in English?

5.      Read books. Read books on a variety of topics. Humour, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, biographies, auto-biographies and books on popular science.

6.      Language and knowledge are connected. When you know more, you also have the language that enables you to think about what you know.

7.      English revolves around a fixed group of words that do not change. Words such as do, does, has, have, keep, make, fall, go, get, turn, in, on, as, as if, and so on. Learn these words by listening and analyzing, and putting them to use. There are hardly around 180 such words.

8.      A good dictionary is of immense help. Do you know that you can learn a great deal by looking up a dictionary. You come to know about pronunciation, grammar, usage, and why, even the history of the word.

9.      Have a set of friends with whom you are comfortable speaking in English. Don't bother if you make mistakes. You can put your language skill on an ‘auto correct’ mode.

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